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Angelle Materials

Road Contractors

At Angelle we’ve extended our reach so that you can extend yours. As the only company in the area to offer mobile concrete plants, you can depend on us to be where you need us to be. Offering both wet and dry batch capabilities our on-site plants are ideal for large industrial jobs, remote sites, and high-volume ready-mix projects including roads and bridges.

Convenience. Quality. Flexibility. Cost savings.
That’s what you get with our mobile plants.

Road Contractor Angelle Portable Plant Benefits

  • High-quality, fresh concrete

  • On-time, cost-effective delivery

  • Strict adherence to job-specific mix designs

  • Consistent quality

  • Ability to adjust concrete production as needed


Learn more about SuperSlurry here. This revolutionary liquefied cement slurry developed by TXI is virtually dust-free – and we are the only company in the region that offers it.

SuperSlurry has many important benefits, including elimination of problems caused by dust – such as the health and safety of personnel and damage or increased wear to equipment. Because the slurry is pre-mixed, water trucks are almost never needed for the application of the cement slurry, which increases efficiency and saves costs. In addition, SuperSlurry can be applied at a faster rate than dry cement saving even more time and money.

We invite you to contact us today to let us show you why SuperSlurry is the ideal choice for your next project.

Bulk Cement

Angelle is a leading distributor of bulk cement in the Greater Baton Rouge area.

Our two strategically-located bulk cement terminals with state-of-the-art pneumatic unloading equipment and company-owned and operated spread-delivery trucks ensure that your bulk cement is delivered cost-effectively and on-time.

We invite you to contact us today to let us show you why Angelle is the premiere provider of bulk cement in the Greater Baton Rouge Area.

Unmatched customer service. Commitment to safety. Impressive reach. That’s what you get with Angelle.