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NRMCA Professional Drivers List - Thursday, January 15, 2015

The validation of NRMCA's Concrete Delivery Professional certification means Angelle Materials customers can expect our drivers to meet industry operational standards with the highest levels of professionalism in critical areas like product knowledge, company and customer relations, environmental issues, safety, vehicle maintenance and operations.

Angelle Concrete's goal is for 100% of our drivers to complete the CDP certification. Our customers deserve the highest level of service and professionalism, and we believe that investment in our employees' professional development is how we get there.

More info about the certification is available at the NRMCA website.

Angelle's NRMCA Certified Drivers:

  • Donald Butler
  • Joel Butler
  • T'sha Green
  • Dwayne Hill
  • Bertro Jordan
  • Koris Jordan
  • Anthony Page
  • Terelle Heil
  • Raymond Baham
  • Cathy Conley
  • James Genoni
  • Daisjuan Scott
  • Patrick Pikes
  • Tammie Edwards

Intro to the intensive CDP certification program