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6/16/2016 ACI Certified Sales Professionals
6/9/2016 Angelle in Action
 You have never seen a rainbow so beautiful
6/9/2016 Angelle in Action
 Check this photo out - one of a kind
6/8/2016 Angelle Materials featured in The Livingston Business Journal May 2016 Edition
5/26/2016 Fiber Mesh or Wire Mesh: Which is Best for Driveways?

If youíre thinking of redoing the driveway in your commercial space, or putting in a driveway in a new space, you may be trying to decide between fiber mesh and wire mesh to reinforce your concrete.

5/26/2016 How Does Angelle Deliver Ready-Mix Concrete Safety?

Safety is important during all phases of ready mix concrete construction work, from ordering materials, to transporting equipment to the construction site, to the actual construction work.

5/12/2016 Get The Right Bids Your Commercial Concrete Contractor

It can be a challenge for many industrial, commercial, and residential concrete and concrete buyers to obtain fair quotes from contractors. Below are some tips to follow to ensure that you receive the best quote possible.

4/28/2016 Everything You Need to Know About Aggregate
 When mixed with water and Portland cement, the aggregate mixture of sand, gravel, and/or crushed stone takes on the unique properties of its mix to become concrete. 
4/26/2016 3 Reasons Why Angelle is Baton Rouge's Top Commercial Concrete Supplier
  There are many factors to consider before hiring a Concrete Supplier. Truthfully, thatís probably just one item on a laundry list of to-dos for your project.  You need reliable service that allows you to focus on things other than what your Concrete Supplier should provide.
4/26/2016 Concrete with Fly Ash or Concrete Without It?

The use of fly ash in concrete is far from a new phenomenon. Roman structures such as aqueducts, Coliseum and Pantheon used volcanic ash or pozzolana in their concrete thereby making more durable concrete structures that exist even today.

4/26/2016 Front Discharge Mixer Trucks

Anything that saves time and money in the concrete industry is a great idea, and great ideas are often deceptively simple. This is definitely the case with front discharge mixer trucks

4/26/2016 How NRMCA Driver Training Can Help Your Business
 To have drivers with the National Ready Mixed Concrete Association (NRMCA) Concrete Delivery Certification is a great feat any business in the concrete industry should be proud of, and for a good reason.
4/25/2016 Angelle Shows Off At 'Touch a Truck'
3/15/2016 What's the Difference Between Concrete and Cement?
 Learn a few things about concrete and cement. Youíll be able to speak the language of contractors and construction pros, and youíll know exactly what materials you need for your projects.
3/8/2016 Pouring Your Concrete Slab

Whether youíre building a residential project or an industrial one, making mistakes early can lead to unsightly and costly damage to your slab. Thatís why you want a proper pour for your concrete slab, no matter how big or small the project is.

2/5/2016 6 Projects Perfect For Integrally Colored Concrete
  Being Baton Rougeís premier color concrete supplier is a responsibility that we take pride in. Every time we produce color concrete for our clients, it is an opportunity to create an attention-grabbing architectural feature. Colored concrete can make any space feel designed and laid out in a noticeable, but subtle way that will last decades.

1/21/2016 4 Ways Road Construction is Going Green

The concrete and construction industries are looking for ways to reduce emissions and increase sustainability. Every project has different specifications, making the need for innovation and a variety of options absolutely essential to finding greener business methods. Here are five sustainable practices and trends grabbing hold for road construction projects across the country.

1/21/2016 5 Reasons to Use Cement Slurry

People often ask us what cement slurry is or, more particularly, what our SuperSlurry is, and why they should use it. Here are a five reasons to use cement slurry on your next project.

1/19/2016 Angelle Materials Pours Concrete for New Apartment Complex

Angelle Materials recently began the concrete work for the new Creekside Crossing apartment complex located on Walker North in Denham Springs, Louisiana.

Customer Testimonials
3/17/2015 The Brewer Construction Group Spotlights Angelle Materials
 We were proud to get the following testimonial from The Brewer Construction Group in Denham Springs, LA.
4/17/2014 West Tennessee Construction Testimonial

Tim F with West Tennessee Construction wrote the following testimonials about his experiences with Angelle Materials:

4/4/2014 St. Tammany Parish Using Green Construction Methods

Cement Slurry of Louisiana, a Division of Angelle Materials, is doing some great things for local roads. Read about it here.

Employee Announcements
3/30/2016 Angelle Veterans
 We are proud to employ US military veterans. Click through for a list of employees who have served both our country and our company.
1/15/2015 NRMCA Professional Drivers List



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