Super Slurry

Angelle Materials is the only company in the region to offer to Super Slurry!

Super Slurry

SuperSlurry is unlike any other soil stabilization product ever developed in that it maximizes cement particle distribution and provides unmatched consistency. This patented process bonds soil particles together, resulting in decreased permeability and increased structural value and compressive strength.

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SuperSlurry has many important benefits:

  • Elimination of problems caused by dust such as the health and safety of personnel and damage or increased wear to equipment.
  • Slurry is pre-mixed, so water trucks are almost never needed for the application of the cement slurry, which increases efficiency and saves costs.
  • SuperSlurry can be applied at a faster rate than dry cement saving even more time and money.
  • When it comes to full-depth reclamation, SuperSlurry offers even more great advantages. Customers can reclaim to whatever depth they want and mix the material with the slurry. This can reduce hauling and CO2 emissions by up to 90% resulting in greatly increased efficiency and huge cost savings.



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